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So Gnome King is getting all kinds of attention (and ladies), but he doesn’t really know what to do when it comes time to “perform.”

Too bad he couldn’t write himself a stud and make it so he could wow the ladies in the bedroom….maybe he’ll figure it out some day.


This weekend I’m attending ACEN as a guest of honor. It’s my favorite show of the year, the third largest animation convention in the country, and the con that never sleeps! There’s always something to do at this show. It’s a total blast.

I’ll have a table in artist alley, and also some panels throughout the weekend. First off, I’ll talk about the books:

There will be copies of @$$hole! volume 1, @$$hole!: Laura’s 21st birthday, Junkyard Chase, Reading with Pictures, Hope: The Hero Initiative, and Albert the Alien. Plus a ton of sketch cards. Two new books on the table this year, and I’m putting together bundle deals and specials for people throughout the weekend.

Now for the panels. These are broken out by title, time, and room (all my panels are in the Hyatt).

Breaking into Comics – 6pm – DaVinci – A Q&A with all of the comic creator guests at the show, including Russell Lissau, Steve Horton, John Bivens, and Trevor Mueller! We each have a story that’s unique – come hear them all.

Trevor Mueller’s Panel That Shall Not Be Named – 8pm – Vienna – Nor described. But it’s a popular panel. You just need to show up to find out what it’s all about.

Self-Publishing 101 – 9pm – London – It’s never been easier to make a comic book than it is today. Trevor Mueller and Steve Horton take you through some methods and options for self-publishing your own comics.

Additionally on Saturday, you should check out:
-Making Webcomics part 2 – 6:30pm – Malpensa – Alan Evans (I may make an appearance)
-How to Draw Comics – 8:15pm – Vienna – John Bivens
-Horror Comics – 9:15pm – Vienna – John Bivens and Russell Lissau


Even though I won’t be at these panels, you should still check them out:
-Writing Comics – 11:45am – Paris – Steve Horton
-POW! BAM! All-ages comic workshop – 2pm – London – Russell Lissau

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