@$$hole!: Get Back to Work

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So I’ve been playing a lot of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I mean A LOT. Not so much that I’m falling off my duties on comic making…but I could be doing less video games and more comics, for sure.

However, I’m really digging this game. More so than the previous games in the series (which I played on the PC). I love the world, the gameplay, the sneaking around and discovering hints and clues to uncover the conspiracy that’s going on in the story. It’s a lot of fun.

And as any roommate I’ve ever had can contest, when I’m into something I don’t want to stop. I want to finish it. But when I get interrupted, I’m usually not pleased about it.

Living with my girlfriend, I’m trying to get better about this. Because she doesn’t care for video games, but she still wants to hang out, ask me questions, get my opinion on things. And when I’m playing games is usually not the best time to do this.

While I don’t usually go quite as mental as the character in today’s comic, I do feel annoyed when someone interrupts my game time. Hell, I only let myself play video games one day per week (Friday, after work), so it’s kind of like “me unwinding time.”

However, as the title implies, while I do enjoy this time to myself, it’s really time to get back to work. So, off I go.

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