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To answer the question, yes I do play video games. I have several systems, and like most people I know – I did have my personal information stolen in the big PSN breach.

However, that’s not what bugs me about modern video games. What does bug me is that modern games depend on DLC and regular updates.

DLC add on content I’m not generally opposed to. But when games are being popped out from the studios at a rate that they’re not even completed, this bugs me. Basically, video games are all released before they’re ready to. But it’s okay – they can fix the bugs with downloadable patches.

Those of you without internet connected to your game systems, you’re shit out of luck. Also, I recommend you get with the times. If you have an xbox, I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure you have to pay to get these updates because the online xbox isn’t free. Could be wrong, though.

So to top this off, when a game with these very obvious bugs gets released, the top game review websites still give it a 8+ out of 10. “It has some bugs, but I’m sure it’ll get fixed eventually.”

Now, if a game with these very obvious issues had been released with the previous generation of systems, it would be labeled as “broken” and the reviewers would have encouraged everyone reading their reviews to go buy something else. Something that wasn’t broken. And they would have berrated the developers and programers for letting such an obvious flaw escape from their studio, and condemned them and their mothers publicly on the internets and cursed their unborn children to a life of evil, death, and decay.

But now…now we just tell people to pay the $60 and wait for the update that’ll fix it.

If you want to pay me $60 plus tax for a broken product that I may update at some point in the future, I’d be down for that. Especially if you have an xbox and you’re paying to use the method you need to get that update. Plus you’re paying for the internet connection to use that method to get the update for the game you already paid for but it’s broken.

Let’s face it, gang. We’re all suckers. Addicted, hopelessly addicted suckers.

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  • Gyu Lee

    You can still download standard updates on the xbox without paying, but you do need an internet connection.
    DLC for the xbox is additional add ons like map packs. If you don’t play multiplayer, a lot of those maps are pointless like on Halo.

  • Anna

    I love your facial expressions.

  • Trevor

    @Gyu: Good to know, thanks. I was wondering how they got around that. Do you also need xbox live to do netflix?

    @Anna: Thanks. I think they’re the most entertaining part of the photo comics. 😉

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