Albert the Alien Chapter 1 Page 24

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It’s Wednesday, your new alien friend just saved the school from his evil school supplies from outer space — and there’s a new Albert the Alien page!

We end the first issue as we started – with Miranda Tam, student reporter. She’s headed to her locker to drop off her stuff and no doubt prep her morning announcements for tomorrow. But what’s this? All of her stuff appears to be missing! Who could have done something so evil? A mystery ensues….

So ends the first chapter of Albert the Alien is New in School. This was written to be a 4 chapter series, with additional adventures following. The story here features an A story in each issue (a single-chapter adventure, like an episode of a Saturday morning cartoon), and now we’re discovering the B story (a longer story that runs throughout all 4 chapters of News in School, tying it all together). By the end of New in School, we will know who done it and why.

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Thanks so much, guys, and see you next time!


July 26-28 I’ll be a guest of honor at Anime Iowa! It’s my first time attending this show, but it sounds like a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to it. Like all other appearances, I’ll be working the artist alley table during the day, and working panels at night. My panel schedule should be made available soon, and once it is I’ll be sure to share it out.

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