Convention Report: SiouxperCon 2021

Siouxpercon is my first in-person appearance of 2021, and it set the bar high for a return to conventions and events.


C2E2 2017 – Convention Summary

Playing a bit of catch up on my blogging, but wanted to at least post some notes and comments from C2E2 earlier this year. I know I usually do a full convention report, but I’m hoping this [...]


Convention Report: Wizard World Minneapolis 2016 (part 3)

Saturday’s always come far too early for my taste, especially when 1) recovering from jet lag, and 2) having stayed up late the previous night at a con, and you have to get up early to set [...]


Convention Report: Wizard World Minneapolis 2016 (part 2)

Thursday had been a fun (and somewhat relaxing) way to start the long weekend, but now it was time to get into the meat of things. The con didn’t start until the afternoon, but there was [...]


Convention Report: Wizard World Minneapolis 2016 (part 1)

As convention season heats up, we’re continuing our coverage of the shenanigans I have going on at cons (and appearances) throughout the country. Next stop: Wizard World Minneapolis! Wizard [...]


Convention Review: ACEN 2013

Last weekend was another awesome and amazing ACEN – this third largest animation convention in the country, and my favorite convention to attend as a guest. It’s also a very strong [...]


Convention Report – C2E2 2012

Ladies and gents, I’m happy to announce another successful C2E2 show occurred this past weekend in Chicago. The people at Reed outdid themselves yet again, with some killer sales and [...]


Wizard World Chicago 2011 – Con Report

Wow, so I’m finally starting to catch up on my blogging (only two weeks later, right?). Specifically as it relates to Wizard World Chicago this year. Let me just put some historical context [...]


2011 Harvey Awards

As many of you know, in my free time I work as the marketing director for The Reading with Pictures, a non-profit organization working to get comics in the classroom. The organization has been [...]


Convention Review: C2E2 2011

Sorry it’s a little late (I was updating blogs about making comics, fer goodness sake), but finally here’s the entry about C2E2. THURSDAY: After a long hard day at the office, I [...]

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