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The next morning started like any other day, but would progress quite differently. We attempted to grab breakfast at the diner across the street again, but after waiting over 40 minutes for our order, we had to take off to open our tables. Russell offered to stay behind and pick up our food, which took another 20 minutes or so. Alan and I were open and ready for the masses who piled into the dealer’s hall first thing, and started making sales right away. The day flew by quickly, between selling books, chatting with friends who stopped by, and promoting the Kickstarter for Albert the Alien vol 3 (live until March 15).

Kickstarter backers at the con got bonus rewards, as modeled by Alicia

Around 5pm, just before the close of the floor, the group broke down and went to our panel about How to Exhibit at Cons. When we arrived at the room, however, it appeared to be another schedule hiccup. The room was already filled with voice actors doing their bits for a very large crowd, who was having a fun time. Since the schedule didn’t list the right now for our panel, and no one was waiting for us, we opted to let the voice actors keep going and instead went to grab some dinner.

Alan took us to a Spy-themed restaurant, which I was not able to eat at due to the wait time (I had another panel later that night). Instead, I went to a local Bon Mi place and went to the green room to eat diner and talk to the staffers up in the room. I enjoyed my sandwich, told some funny stories, and then headed to my final panel for the weekend (which did have a matching schedule on the door to my schedule) about Self-Publishing. We had a nice sized crowd for the panel – a good 30+ attendees – all asking excellent questions and trying to make their own comics. I went on for the full hour, and broke down at the end to grab a quick drink before we did Cards Against Humanity with Dan and Jillian.

Myself and Lady Jillian, getting ready for a night of Cards Against Humanity!

The rest of our guest lineup for CAH. Top: Russell Lissau and Greg Wicker. Bottom: Alan Evans and myself

This panel is a rather private affair, and pictures are almost always forbidden – but we were able to snap a few. They play the game a bit differently than normal – but it’s a way that I’ve grown to enjoy more and more. If you’ve never attended, you really should – it’s a fun time. The panel went until almost 2am, and as soon as it ended I headed up to bed.

What do you do Saturday nights at a con? Are you all about the panels? The viewing room? The dances?

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