Convention Report: Wizard World Chicago 2018


Convention Report: C2E2 2018

C2E2 continues to be a premiere Chicago comic convention, and 2018 was no different – in fact, it excelled in that area, bringing in some of the top creators in the industry, including the [...]


Nostalgia Critic – Mad Max Fury Road review

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD REVIEW This was a fun one. But when Doug reached out to me, I was a little nervous. He told me I’d be playing a Warboy, but they were all shirtless in the movie. Was I [...]


Nostalgia Critic – The Matrix Revolutions review

The Matrix Revolutions Review Doug went through a review month dedicated to The Matrix movies, which was a favorite series of mine (well, the first movie, anyway), but less so for Doug. [...]


Convention Report: Anime Iowa 2016

We had a blast at Anime Iowa this year. It’s a fun show in the middle of Iowa, with a killer guest lineup, and one that I continue to enjoy attending. Want to hear all about it (including [...]