@$$hole!: Phone Call 4

And so we find ourselves in a situation where we have inserted our foot into our mouth. Granted, it could’ve been a much funnier scene if I had the time to play with it more, but to be [...]


@$$hole!: Phone Call 3

This is a real conversation. But not a real phone call. I was having a conversation with Beth about our weekend activities, and she wanted to go out and do something. And I’m telling myself [...]


@$$hole!: Phone Call 2

The conversation here is based on one I had with my girlfriend in jest. She wanted to go do something else, and in the whiniest kid voice I could muster I started talking about the epic nature of [...]


@$$hole!: Phone Call 1

So this short arc stems from a conversation I had with myself, really. Basically, I’m one of the few people I know who likes to play a game until it’s beaten completely. They call us [...]