In Memoria: Nikita Rauba

I was sad to discover over the weekend the passing of my friend, Nikita Rauba. Nikki had been a fan who I met at conventions ages ago, and who kept coming to my panels seeking inspiration and [...]


Anime Midwest 2018 – Panel Schedule and more

I am happy to announce that I will be a returning guest of honor at Anime Midwest this year in Rosemont, Il. The show will take place July 6-8, and boasts some incredible guests (some of which [...]


Convention Report: Anime Milwaukee 2018

Convention season is officially upon us, and has started off with a bang! Anime Milwaukee continues to be my first con of the year, and continues to set the bar – AND HIGH – for the [...]


2017 Convention Schedule (so far)

I’m back, and we’re still making comics. Sorry for being silent for so long, but I’ve been focused on Albert the Alien, my Patreon, and putting together convention appearances [...]


July Convention Appearances

July is the heart of convention season, and I have some appearances coming up for shows that you will not want to miss! I will be returning as a guest of honor to these amazing shows. We will be [...]


Convention Report: ACEN 2016 (Part 1 of 3)

Spring is the time of year that brings more temperate temperatures, some warmer sun (but a little rain, too), and yes – Anime Central! The second largest animation convention in the [...]


Convention Report: Anime Boston 2016

My third (in a row!) and final convention appearance of March was Anime Boston, which had probably my highest sales volume in 2015. Since it’s an away show, I had to ship my inventory in [...]


Convention Report: C2E2 2016

My second convention (in a row) in March was in my own backyard of Chicago, C2E2! Typically for this show, I run the Reading with Pictures booth (this year the table was across from the Jelly [...]


Convention Report: NYCC 2015

New York Comic Con (NYCC) has become the largest comic convention in the country (as of last year, 2014). It continues to be a beast of a show (in a good way), with some of the most amazing and [...]


Convention Report: Kollision Con 2015

My first convention of the year is a show I wasn’t able to do last year because of the wedding, but I was super looking forward to doing. Not only is it a fun time, low-key with lots of [...]