@$$hole!: Ren Faire 2011 (part 11)

So Dave was the winner – in this comic, and in real life. In the comic, he cheated and won after a single round. In real life, we fought a had battle. The fight was best of 5. Dave and I [...]


@$$hole!: Ren Faire 2011 (part 7)

Looks like we’re establishing fighting styles here. Trevor is all about macking on the ladies, Dave is all about the cheap shots, and Josh – well, Josh is trying to block another [...]


@$$hole!: Ren Faire 2011 (part 6)

Armored up and ready to go. At the time this seemed like a terrible idea, but honestly the little kid in me just couldn’t resist the urge to dress up and sword fight with my friends. [...]


@$$hole!: Photo Fight 1

Finally, the time is upon us for the illustrated world to meet the photo world. Or more appropriately, the opposite. This is the start of something I’ve wanted to do ever since I started [...]


@$$hole!: Convention Season 11

The fight between Alan and Trevor concludes! **SPOILERS** Alan wins the day because, in the end, he brought a water bottle to a fist fight. Throughout technology superior technology has usually [...]


@$$hole!: Convention Season 10

The fight between Alan and Trevor continues. Doing a spontaneous fight scene isn’t as easy as it sounds. With a comic, you want the action to be dynamic and interesting – but @$$hole! [...]


@$$hole!: Convention Season 9

At conventions, bathroom breaks tend to need to happen. If you’re sharing a table or near a friend, this isn’t often a big deal. Even when you both have to go at the same time, you [...]