Convention Report: Mid Ohio Con 2014

Halloween weekend I had the distinct pleasure of spending at a convention in Columbus, OH, which was Mid-Ohio Con (also called Wizard World Ohio). I wasn’t able to attend this show last [...]


Mid-Ohio Comic Con 2012

Like the photo says, I’m at Mid-Ohio Comic Con this weekend in Columbus, OH. Look for me at booth 1203 in artist alley. Going to have original art and sketch cards for sale, deals available [...]


Convention Prep

Got a slew of conventions remaining this year, and a lot of books / merch to sell during them. So if you’ve missed me at the plethora of cons and signings / events I’ve been doing [...]


Mid Ohio Con 2011

I’m at MOC this weekend, table #1033 in artist alley. Going to be a fun time, so be sure to swing by and say hi!



So I was talking to the girlfriend the other day about things we wanted to do before the weather turns that nasty cold direction, and we made a list of things we wanted to do. Then we looked at [...]


Convention Report: Mid Ohio Con 2010

This was the 30th anniversary of Mid Ohio Con, the second time I’ve attended the show, the first time I’ve attended as a guest…and also my birthday weekend. So there was a hefty [...]


@$$hole! Convention Season 8

It’s important for creators to be passionate about their projects – otherwise, who would promote the work in the first place? Sure, once you’re established your fans can help [...]