Video Game Review: Mass Effect 2

Video Game Review: Mass Effect 2 Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC Developer: Bioware Official Website Plot: In the first game, you play as Commander Sheppard (male or female) – the first human [...]


@$$hole!: Laundry Day 2

To be fair, that’s not my thong. However, I did enter into a bra and panties competition once. True story. Back when I was going to Necto on Monday nights (Goth Night), they used to have [...]


@$$hole!: Laundry Day 1

Let’s face it, clothes get dirty. And when something gets dirty, it usually smells. Now, I don’t know about the years of yonder, but in this day and age something that’s dirty [...]


Convention Report: Mid Ohio 2011

So the odyssey of conventions continues, with back-to-back shows with NYCC last week and Mid-Ohio Con this weekend. And boy oh boy, did I find myself exhausted. In a good way. A different show [...]


Mid Ohio Con 2011

I’m at MOC this weekend, table #1033 in artist alley. Going to be a fun time, so be sure to swing by and say hi!


Convention Report – NYCC 2011

So NYCC was last weekend, which was a total blast. But what else can you expect from the second largest comic convention in the country. This year, again, the Javits Center was completely filled [...]


@$$hole!: Rock Band

Not to pat myself on the back, but I’ve been told I’m a good public speaker. And it doesn’t surprise me, because I spend my days at the office pitching ideas to team members or [...]


NYCC 2011

It’s official! Reading with Pictures takes the Big Apple in October at the New York Comic Con (NYCC). Fellow contributor Steve Wallace and myself will be manning the RWP booth in small [...]


@$$hole!: Random Thoughts

Insights into the inner-workings of the average male mind. Let’s be honest – Squirrels with lightsabers are the coolest thing ever. 😉 I’m in NYCC this weekend, manning the [...]


@$$hole!: Phone Call 6

Thus concludes the Phone Call story arc. Got another arc coming up about doing laundry (starts next week), and all the while I’ll be attending NYCC as a guest speaker. I’ll also be [...]

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