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The Matrix Revolutions Review

Doug went through a review month dedicated to The Matrix movies, which was a favorite series of mine (well, the first movie, anyway), but less so for Doug. None-the-less, always on the lookout for a part of for the bald man (and forgetting my inability to memorize dialogue from the Last Airbender review), Doug invited me to be in another of his reviews. This time with a LOT of dialogue, and finally appearing in a scene with Malcolm and Tamara while we were in the room together.

My appearance starts at 22:09 in the video, and it calls back to another favorite movie of mine. I won’t spoil it for you, but if you haven’t seen the movie I’m the reference for, I would recommend changing that. This video would also lead to me doing more dialogue in my appearances with Doug, which is always a fun time.

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