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In case it wasn’t obvious enough in the previous page, Selphi has passed on from her wound. Here we see Xen (“That’s not my name”), the arm’s dealer from earlier in the story. Looks like he somehow escaped Malukai’s attack, but it doesn’t sound like his business fared as well.

I think it’s funny that he always “knows a guy.” Who are these “guys” that he keeps referring to? Well, perhaps some day we’ll find out. No matter what, he’s a fun character to write.

Sophia sounds like she has a plan forming. I wonder what I could be….?

This week I’ll be attending Wizard World Chicago. I don’t have a booth this year, but I’ll be wondering around and shaking hands. And no doubt will be in the Hyatt bar at night, so if you stop by for a drink look for a tall bald guy with poor posture who’s laughing his ass off…or lecturing on some such nonsense. 😉


The voting for the 2009 Drunk Duck Awards ended on July 31, so thank you to everyone who voted for Temple. Nominations should be announced soon, and then comes the stressful part…waiting to find out if Temple won anything. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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