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It may have been difficult to see in the artwork, but the script said to show that the car was full of explosives. Hence the boom.

Sophia’s assault has begun, and she’s managed to effectively make it inside the courtyard of the Holy Order Temple. Armed to the teeth, it looks like her plan is a one-woman suicide mission to get in and kill Cardinal Milikin.

This sequence went through the most revisions of any in this story, mostly because I wanted to introduce a few new elements into the story – but I figure it would raise too many questions about how the swordsman and company got into the Order Temple in the original story (which also underwent a lot of revisions, and was eventually omitted completely). Perhaps a flashback will occur in the Holy Order sequel….

Olivia and I have started talking about the next story, which takes place during and directly after this story. So it should help in the chronology a bit. After that will be the remaining Sophia stories all rolled into one (including the Bushido prequel that I had been talking about a while ago, which has now been baked into the Sophia story), and then we’ll finish this bad boy off with the sequel.

Don’t fret, though. At the rate we’re going currently, this comic is going to be around for at least another year or so…. ;)