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I beat God of War 3 over the holiday weekend, and I guessed it right: Aphrodite is the only god that you don’t kill. Aphrodite is also the only god (or character) in the game that you have sex with. Coincidence, I think not?

The thing that bugs me about a game like God of War is that it’s okay for Kratos to be blood thirsty and so blinded by rage that he rips of heads and holds them for light sources in front of little girls, but he can only have consensual sex. Kratos is the kind of guy who would rape and pillage his way through the world of Greek mythology. He has, in fact, which is (sorry for the spoilers) why he killed his own family blinded by his blood lust and had to go on this revenge story in the first place. He’s his own worst enemy.

So why the sudden moral conscious? Why the reserve? And if he can control that, why can’t he control his urge to gut and behead? I’ve found a character flaw.

But I digress. Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love, and her method to conflict resolution was essentially to bang until the conflict was resolved. In God of War 3, anyway. Not that it actually resolved anything. But there’s also a secondary meaning to the title of the book, which is a very laissez faire hands-off method of conflict resolution. When I thought up the idea, it tickled me a bit.

I’m going to try to review the game soon (God of War 3). There’s a lot of stuff on the list to review. Toy Story 3 among them. But a little patience with me, if you will. Summer is here, and it’s a fun time in the city!

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