Temple: Assassin 29

Sorry for not posting last week. Olivia got the page to me on time, but I was swamped and unable to get it posted before Monday. To give her enough lead time on the rest of the pages [...]


@$$hole!: Worst News EVER!

So Transformers 3 has been filming downtown Chicago, and yesterday they shut down one of the main roads over by my office. We kept hearing the fake gunfire during the shoot, and saw tanks driving [...]


@$$hole!: Lover’s Lament

The return of Cynthia the TV (which is an LG, which is a brand made in Korea, hence the asian reference). I figured a bickering moment between the TV (picking up on my dating woes) and the PS3 [...]


@$$hole!: Why Am I Single, Again?

Another profile steal (and the return of shirtless Trevor, sporting my Halloween get-up from 2008 as Spider from Transmetropolitan). But my 3-month experiment on match.com is about to come to a [...]


Movie Review: Toy Story 3

Movie Review: Toy Story 3 (2010) Director: Lee Unkrich Plot: Buzz, Woody, Rex, the Potatoheads, and the rest are back. Well, most of them. You see, Andy’s grown up too and gotten rid of [...]


Temple: Assassin 28

So after a night of passionate lovemaking, Seymour and Marielle pack up their things and walk off into the sunset. Xen makes another appearance (without actually appearing) over the walkie [...]


@$$hole!: Book Club

I beat God of War 3 over the holiday weekend, and I guessed it right: Aphrodite is the only god that you don’t kill. Aphrodite is also the only god (or character) in the game that you have [...]


@$$hole!: A Funny Strip

It’s been a while since I’ve gone on a good rant, and this one’s been stewing for a while now. In the time that it takes you to read this strip, enough oil will have spilled out [...]


Temple: Assassin 27

Seymour and Marielle making some love. This story’s almost over, and then there will be some important announcements! Stay tuned!


@$$hole!: Well-Endowed

Cyphan this past weekend was a blast, and it was also a fun time to premiere the new camera (the pictures from this and the previous page were taken with it). It got to play and experiment and [...]