I was a guest of honor (and a Harvey Award nominee) at the Baltimore Comic Con this year, which was an amazing con. I wrote a series of posts about it over at my other website, www.AlbertTheAlien.com, where I detailed out the events of the weekend. Below are the links to the posts, as well as some highlight photos from the event.

PART 1: Where I arrived at the show a day early, attempted to convince everyone I would be the easiest guest they had ever had, and then proceeded to prove that statement wrong in every possible way that I could (sometimes intentionally, other times not).

PART 2: The first official day of the con, where events were happening, sales occurred, and I had dinner with Dean Haspiel and Howard Chaykin.

PART 3: Where we didn’t win a Harvey Award, but we had a good time all the same.

PART 4: Where we had to say goodbye to new friends and fans, with the hopes that we would be invited back next year (despite all the shenanigans).