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The 2009 Drunk Duck Awards
The DD Awards are upon us once again, and the categories are up. Last year, without trying, you the reader graciously nominated @$$hole! for “Best Photo Comic” and “Best Experimental Comic” – an honor which I’m told that if popular demand had determined the winner, @$$hole! would hold both titles.

This year, I’m asking for some nominations – so please be sure to vote for @$$hole!:

Best Antagonist: Susie
Best Dialogue
Best Humor Comic
Most Deliciously Offensive
Best Overall Strip Comic
Best Photo Comic
Best Slice of Life/Autobiographical Comic

If you think that @$$hole! deserves any of these awards, then I implore you to vote for @$$hole! in the 2009 Drunk Duck Awards. Voting starts today (July 24)!


Not only was the photo session a blast to do, but this comic is turning into a lot of fun to assemble. Part of the fun is trying to choose pictures that I think fit the scene or situation the best – and then adding dialogue to it. But when I said that I had a lot of pictures to go through, I wasn’t even kidding. Do you know how large 800+ hi-res photos are? Or how long it takes to even preview them in your viewer? Let me give you a hint: they have to load! 😛

Once again, the very talented Erica Hampton reprises her role as the Crazy Cat Loving Lady and this promises to be the worst blind date ever (but hopefully the most entertaining). And we haven’t even made it to the place yet. That will be next week.

As for how the book’s coming along, pre-pressing is all done and I’ve been making the final adjustments to the supplemental material. Sketches and some scripts, mostly, but also an afterword by myself and a forward by…someone more famous than me! Should be a fun book, but more about that as it gets shipped off to the printer within the next week or so.

Other than that, my announcements are about conventions. San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is going on right now, and unfortunately I was not able to attend this year. Perhaps next year. However, I will be attending Wizard World Chicago in August (how is still up for debate, but I’m working on a few angles for a hopeful surprise – wish me luck), and will be a guest at Reactor in September. I submitted a few panel ideas, and they’re finalizing the programming guide as we speak.

Well, enough out of me – go vote for nominees in the 2009 Drunk Duck Awards (and don’t forget my other comic, The Temple of a Thousand Tears, is also eligible for nominations). Other than that, have a great weekend!

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