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The 2009 Drunk Duck Awards
The DD Awards are upon us once again, and the categories are up. Last year, without trying, you the reader graciously nominated @$$hole! for “Best Photo Comic” and “Best Experimental Comic” – an honor which I’m told that if popular demand had determined the winner, @$$hole! would hold both titles.

This year, I’m asking for some nominations – so please be sure to vote for @$$hole!:

Best Antagonist: Susie
Best Dialogue
Best Humor Comic
Most Deliciously Offensive
Best Overall Strip Comic
Best Photo Comic
Best Slice of Life/Autobiographical Comic

If you think that @$$hole! deserves any of these awards, then I implore you to vote for @$$hole! in the 2009 Drunk Duck Awards (when voting starts, that is).


Here’s the first of the Blind Date story arc, and who’s this: it’s the Crazy Cat Loving Lady from the Vet Visit story arc! Played by none other than the lovely and talented Erica Hampton.

If you recall from the Vet Visit blogs, Erica is a professional photographer (recently specializing in weddings) who is incredibly talented and easy to work with, and gracious enough to allow me to borrow her time and equipment to make another crazy story involving her bizarre character. Unlike the Vet Visit story, however, this story isn’t entirely scripted. Sure, there were some beats that I knew we had to hit, but I only really had a general idea of what would happen while we were shooting this. The benefit is that the photoshoot only took 3-4 hours this time (as opposed to the Vet Visit, which took over 6 hours). Also unfortunately (more so for me than you), is that I have over 800+ photos to shift through and organize to direct this piece. And I’m not entirely sure yet just how long it’s going to be – but I have a goal in mind.

Suffice it to say, what you’re about to read is going to be a fun train wreck – a roller coaster of gags and goofy stuff, and maybe even a little back story. I’m going to work for those nominations, let me tell you!

So enjoy, and I’ll see you Friday with the next update!

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