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Got sick on Tuesday but thought I could suck it up and go into the office. Not a good idea. After getting off the train twice to try to avoid puking on the plethora of people riding the metal tube during rush hour, I was able to get myself into the office, grab what I needed, and ended up working from home. It was a slower day for me, but there is just too much to do to just be sick and not go into work. I took a nap for an hour, felt like crap for most of the day, and then decided to go to bed early.

Here’s hoping I feel better tomorrow.

The page is a little rushed because of the illness. I should’ve put another hour or two into it, but my eyes were burning and it felt like there was a gymnast training for the Olympics in my stomach. Ultimately it came down to not updating, or updating with something that was only so-so. Since I haven’t missed an update yet this year (and there’s only 3 weeks left), I wasn’t about to not update!

Talk about suffering for your work. 😛

Hopefully there will be a page Friday. A better page. It all depends on whether or not I can shake this illness.

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  • Albone

    Ha ha! The last two panels are hilarious! Nice composition as well.

  • Trevor

    Thanks, I like how the story is coming together. Less scripted than the last dating story, but this will also be a much shorter story.

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