@$$hole!: The Dreamer

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This was a guest strip that I did for my good friend Lora Innes, who does a kick-ass comic called The Dreamer for IDW (and her website, of course).

The comic is great, and the first 6 issues are collected in a trade paperback (which I reviewed some time ago). I highly recommend picking it up at your local comic book shop.

Best Buy hasn’t received the camera that I ordered yet (even though they said it would be in Tuesday night), so I wasn’t able to update with new content today. However, they now tell me it’ll be in tonight, so I plan to spend the weekend taking pictures…and writing a super-secret project.

Alright, it’s not so super-secret. It’s more Albert the Alien. Not sure what Albert is all about? Well, it’s a short story that I did for the Reading with Pictures anthology, which will be out in August. I’ll be posting some stuff about it next week, once I get my beat sheets and plot outline done this weekend.

Ambitious, I know. Especially since I just bought God of War 3 for my PS3. Don’t distract me, Kratos. I’m creating!

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