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Cyphan this past weekend was a blast, and it was also a fun time to premiere the new camera (the pictures from this and the previous page were taken with it). It got to play and experiment and try new things with it – and figure out how the thing works.

You’d think, “Come on, dude. It’s a camera. Point and shoot.” But that’s not right at all.

I was trying to do a lot of manual focusing with the camera, but the problem with that it two fold:
1) I wear glasses
2) I think the image is in focus, but when you look at the 15megapixel glory on the computer screen, you find that it’s not

Auto-focus for me for a while, I think. Until I get the hang of it.

But I digress. Have a great 4th of July, everyone, and I’ll catch you next week for more Temple and @$$hole!

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