Making of Junkyard Chase 12 – The Final Product

 In writing

After submitting the files to the printer you wait to receive the box. That glorious box filled with your sweat and hard work. And when it arrives you take it upstairs and it’s like your birthday. A big smile falls over your face. And you open the thing like a kid in a candy store and hold aloft over your head in triumph.

I’ve talked to many of my other professional writers friends and asked, “Is there a more satisfying feeling than holding your own work in your hand?” My buddy Russell Lissau had a great response to this:

“Yes. Going into a comic store and seeing your book in someone else’s hands.”

So the book is finished and available at local Chicago comic stores and conventions I’m attending (see the convention and signing schedule in the upper right corner of this website). I’m working on getting a store up on this site so it can be purchased over the internet as well.

Be sure to tell your friends to check out this awesome book. It’s a fun short story with a full copy of the script and Jeong’s original pencils in the back, so creators can see how the comic was made and use it as a template for their own comic-making.

There are a few things I neglected to talk about in this blog series that I may go into in the next few posts, such as designing the logo and creating the cover.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the making of junkyard chase blog series so far, and if there’s enough of a response I may do another one for the next book I do. Thanks for all of your continued support, and I look forward to making many more comics in the years to come.


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