Making of Junkyard Chase 13 – Designing the Logo

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Here’s some fun bonus materials for the making of junkyard chase: the designing of the logo.

I knew I wanted to use two different fonts: one for each word in the title. The word “Junkyard” I wanted to be textured, rusty, or something that kind of visually suggested the location. The word “Chase” I wanted to be kind of fast looking or cybernetic, to imply the action and the fact that it’s a sci-fi story (one of the main characters is a robot, after all).

So I came up with a concept page, like below.

I submitted these to my group of friends to see their thoughts. Ultimately there were a few combinations I hadn’t thought of before, and I made adjustments accordingly.

The collaborative process of comics doesn’t have to be limited to the writer / artist relationship. There are several blogs of professionals out there where you can bounce designs off and receive some constructive feedback. However, you always need to be careful when putting your work out there to make sure no one steals it.

While your fellow writing buddies may be your good friends and best critics, they’re also the competition. It’s a tricky balance to know what to let them know and what to get their feedback on, and what to keep from them entirely.

I won’t begin to say what you should and should not give away to them, but use your best judgment.

Anyway, this finishes up the blog series for this particular story. Should be updating web comics again now, so be on the lookout for those.


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