@$$hole!: Rader Mail – Virus

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We all get the spam virus e-mails, and sometimes they’re pretty hilarious. I mean, who clicks on a link from a complete stranger? Much less in an e-mail titled “Bigger Pen15” or some such.

About a year ago I was doing the online dating thing and one of the profiles sent me their personal e-mail. It looked legit enough, so I e-mailed them and eventually got an e-mail from a different girl who claimed she was from Russia and she was coming to the US looking for friends.

It smelled fishy, but I figured there was no harm in responding. However, I only asked questions – I never spoke about myself.

After about 6 e-mails back and forth, her sending me photos and sometimes answering my questions, eventually the money shot came and she asked me for money. “My plane ticket is more expensive than I anticipated,” she wrote. “Could you forward me $950 so I can cover the rest of my trip?”

Yeah, right. That was going to happen.

Ultimately it was a little disappointing, the fantasy of it all ending like that. But in the end it was for the best. It got me back to the real world and allowed me to focus on the two things that were important to me: work and comics.

Also, trying to date real women…not spam bots from Russia.

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