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Not to pat myself on the back, but I’ve been told I’m a good public speaker. And it doesn’t surprise me, because I spend my days at the office pitching ideas to team members or making recommendations to clients.

Basically, I spend my days public speaking. However, I wasn’t always this confident in my speaking ability.

Back in school I was always nervous about giving class presentations. So much so that, once I started producing cable TV, I started making videos instead of presentations. I wouldn’t even intro my video. I’d just pop it into the VCR and hit play, and go sit down.

Eventually I realized this was silly, and took a public speaking class in high school. And from that class I learned that, while I’m usually always nervous about public speaking, if I open up with a joke of some kind it usually helps put my mind at ease.

There are additional points to public speaking, but for me that was the first step down the road of speaking in front of groups of people. And so, to this day I usually open with a joke – because I’m still slightly nervous about speaking in front of people.

As for my singing ability, however, I’m terrible. And my Rock Band skills are something to be desired. So if you’re ever having a Rock Band party, perhaps best to not ask me to be your front man. I look the part, and I can get a crowd going…but when it comes time to deliver the tunes, I’m no good.


NYCC was a great time last weekend, and I’ll be posting the convention review tomorrow. This weekend I’ll be attending Mid-Ohio Con in Columbus, OH. I’ll be at table 1033 in artist alley, so be sure to swing by and say hi and check out the latest books!

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