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I wouldn’t say that my lifestyle has changed, although I was a very different person back in the day (ie: high school). I was a much less confident individual, and also was a lot more quiet. Some people may be saddened by the fact that I made a conscious effort to change. Mostly because now I can’t shut up.

As for the goth thing, this is true. After college I returned home and found that most of my friends had moved away or were still in school. Connecting with an old friend from middle school, she invited me out to a club that had different themes every night of the week. The club is called Necto, and Monday night was “Factory Night,” or “Goth Night.” And let me tell you, it was an eye-opener.

While I never dressed up in goth attire, I did enjoy the outfits people wore (or didn’t wear) to the club. I also dug the music, and it’s become some of my favorite to this day. Bands like Combichrist, VNV Nation, Celldweller, Flesh Field, The Azotic, and many many more. Go to the website link above to check out some of the music and pictures.

I mostly went to the club wearing a black a-shirt and black pants (what I called my “artsy outfit”), but most people there wore more traditional goth outfits. It was always interesting to see how extreme some of these outfits would get, or how creative some people got with their clothes / hair.

The DJ and I became good friends, and the bartender always poured strong for me. They had amazing drink specials ($2 long island ice teas until 11pm, and $2 vodka drinks all night), and special events like Goth Prom all the time. Always a fun time. I even met several of my current day close friends from there.

Overall it was a positive experience, and has affected my life in a significant way. I’d say I’m better off for it. But would I go to a goth club again today? Well, my friend has been encouraging me to find a club in the city….

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