@$$hole!: Cooking Lessons 2

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It’s actually true that a man needs protein, and I’m not talking about peanuts. I’m talking about meat. Although, peanuts are pretty awesome.

But the joke here is that greens are what we’re making. And the truth is, while we were shooting this I was already done prepping the meat. But I hadn’t finished with the veggies or the salad. So we’re going to see a lot of veggie pictures. Just a preview.

Next week I’ll be at Anime-Zing! in Davenport, Iowa, as a guest. It’s going to be a fun show, and it’ll also be a show where I meet yet another Power Ranger – Johnny Young Bosh.

I swear these guys are like Pokemon. I gotta meet ’em all.

It’ll be a fun show and I have some fun panels lined up, so be sure to come out and say hi. Until then, have a great weekend.

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  • Jessica Iberg

    Hey, your stuff is really good! I’m super glad you’re going to Anime-Zing or else I would have never found out about you or your website. Can’t wait to see you there 😀

    5 DAYS AWAY!

    • Trevor

      Hi Jessica,

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy the work. Looking forward to the show this weekend and will hopefully meet you there. It’s going to be a ton of fun!

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