@$$hole!: Cooking Lessons 8

 In web comics

Tomatoes are a very tasty and delicious treat…but when I was making dinner on the night we were doing this photo shoot, I couldn’t help but play with my food.

I had an extra panel at the bottom corner where I was going to include some off-panel commentary about being a fruit if you eat fruit, but it just didn’t fit with the story. Keeping the panel blank seemed to put a fun little pause in there…but it wasn’t entirely needed.

I hope everyone had a fun 4th of July. In the city, it’s a huge celebration with lots of outdoor activities. Summer in Chicago is a fun time, and there’s plenty to do. Weekly street festivals, live music, fireworks, good food – and that’s not even on the holidays, that’s every weekend between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It’s a fun time, and you get to see lots of different areas of the city because of it.

And for me, that means more opportunities to take pictures and keep the comics coming out! Whoo-hoo!


Also, in case you missed it, the Reading with Pictures anthology that I was a part of was nominated for two Harvey Awards:


Help us bring home the win by going to the Harvey Awards website and voting for your favorites. Thanks so much for your continued help and support.

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