@$$hole!: Haunted Cabin 17

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Happy February! February marks the start of my convention season (but more on that below), and also the release of my first book of the year: @$$hole! volume 1: No Pants Tuesday. The book should be in my hands right before my first show (but more on that below), so there will be plenty of news and fun times surrounding it. Maybe we’ll do a book release party?

So this page here…yeah. It was shot on different paths in the woods. In fact, that downed tree – we saw it earlier, when Trevor was “looking through brush”.

In the park where we shot this story, this tree had fallen in the middle of the path and it was kind of shocking – but also a very beautiful sight. It was a fresh break, possibly from a lightning strike or a major wind storm. The leaves were still green, the inside of the tree still bright and alive. It was tragic and awesome at the same time.

So I used it as much as I could in the story. And behold – hopefully you didn’t notice.

So, conventions. Anime Milwaukee will be my first show of the year. I’ll be a guest of honor again, so there will be fun panels and goofy stories to be told for sure. Also, I’ll be hanging out with the very awesome Alan Evans who will also be a guest at the show!

I’ve been to this show for the past 3+ years, and I’ve had a ton of fun every time I’ve gone. Met great people, told funny stories…and even had a few funny stories happen. So be sure to come by the show, say hi, check out the panels, and buy a copy of the new book! I’ll be posting pictures when it comes in (should be the week of the show – fingers crossed there are no delays).

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