@$$hole!: Haunted Cabin 22

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Dire situations abound indeed in today’s strip. Also, a little (see what I did there) nudity. Not that you can see anything inside that glowing orb, but trust me…he’s pantless.

It feels good to be drawing again, and coming back to some of the illustrated story arcs that were left hanging for a while. I included some plot hole fill-ins within the volume 1 collection (which I’ll be selling this weekend at Anime Milwaukee), and plan to include more in future volumes (assuming this bad boy sells well, of course).

I’ll try to post something up about the collection soon. I want to show it off. But I also want to have time to eat. And right now, I don’t have time to do both. Unless someone wanted to feed me while I type. Volunteers?

Anyway, I’m gonna be having a blast at Anime Milwaukee this weekend. I hope to see you there, but just in case I don’t – I hope you have an awesome weekend too!


Anime Milwaukee is this weekend, and below is my full panel schedule:

An Evening with Trevor Mueller (Panel Room B): 9:30pm – 10:45pm
-A hilarious night telling silly stories about con experiences gone wrong, ways not to meet celebrities, and overall life hijinks. A good time for all – but try not to bring the kiddies.

Writing Comics 101 (Subprogramming Room): 8am-9:30am
-Learn the basics of three-act structure, how to work with an artist, and how to get that story idea into pitch form

Making Webcomics (Panel Room B): 9am-10:15am
-Learn from webcomic pros Trevor Mueller and Alan Evans (Rival Angels) on how you can make your own webcomic, from start to finish

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