@$$hole!: The Assault 3

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Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!

And “Holy smack-down, Batman!” Yeah, looks like Charlie finally got to kick the crap out of Anthony Douchbag for sleeping with Susie. It happened. He said he’d do as much.

A couple of plot holes are going to get wrapped up in this arc, as we rush towards the end of this epic – mostly so I can go back to doing the silly one-off photo strips, which are tons of fun. Feels like I’ve been doing a long story arc for a while now…and I have, with this arc coming straight out of the Haunted Cabin arc that ended a few months ago.

Tons of fun to tell longer stories, but sometimes you just want to tell a goofy one-page joke. So expect more of those when this epic is over.

But before that, we have a lot of fights to get out of the way. Stay tuned next week for updates on Wednesday and Friday as the gnomes and humans continue to battle it out over control of this comic series.

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