Awesome Comics – A Christmas Snydering

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Awesome Comics Theater – A Christmas Snydering

Having had a lot of fun with the Awesome Comics crew filming the previous episodes, Walter was e-mailing me about doing some other projects. He was working on a holiday video, and was wondering if I wanted to reprise my Lex Luthor from the Nostalgia Critic review of Batman v Superman. It sounded like fun, plus I love hanging out with that crew, so I said heck yes.

It was only a few hours of filming, and Walter didn’t make me put on the makeup again, so wardrobe and clean up were super quick and easy. Plus, the script was hilarious. Walter enjoys playing his comedic version of Zack Synder, and he does a great job of it. Plus, Doug Walker joined and played his Michael Bay character.

Everyone had a fun time filming, and I really enjoyed the final product. I hope Walter keeps me in mind for future videos he wants to do.

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