Convention Report: SiouxperCon 2021

Siouxpercon is my first in-person appearance of 2021, and it set the bar high for a return to conventions and events.

Free Comic Book Day 2021

It's been a while since we've been able to get together in person and have a proper store signing, and Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) has always been a fun, family-friendly event to help support [...]

Convention Report: Anime Midwest 2019

I was a returning guest of honor at Anime Midwest. I returned as a guest of honor at Anime Midwest this year, and I enjoyed seeing fans both new and old throughout the panels, events, and even [...]


Convention Report: Anime MidWest 2018


Free Comic Book Day 2018

The first Saturday in May is Free Comic Book Day – a day where comic book stores offer up free comics (of select titles) and local creators, like myself, come out to do sketches for kids [...]


Convention Report: Anime Milwaukee 2018

Convention season is officially upon us, and has started off with a bang! Anime Milwaukee continues to be my first con of the year, and continues to set the bar – AND HIGH – for the [...]


Convention Report: Wizard World Chicago 2017

THURSDAY: All set up for selling at Wizard World Chicago Writer and buddy Russell Lissau’s display of books is strong with the Force! FRIDAY: Morning comes too early…especially when [...]


Convention Report: Anime Milwaukee 2017 p1

My first convention of the year – which is a show I commonly start my year with – was Anime Milwaukee, and it never disappoints. This weekend is, and does, set my bar for the year on [...]


Anime Milwaukee 2017 – panel schedule

I’ll be a returning guest of honor at Anime Milwaukee this year, set up in artist alley selling comics during the day, and also doing panels throughout the weekend. FRIDAY (2/17): – Writing [...]


Convention Report: Wizard World Chicago 2016

I wrote a series of posts on my other website,, about my convention experience at Wizard World Chicago. Check out the various sections below. PART 1: Preview Night, which [...]