We interrupt your regularly scheduled comic for this special announcement: this weekend I’m attending Wizard World Chicago!

I’ll be in artist alley booth #3180, right next to Russell Lissau. Both of us will be across from comic legend Stan Lee!

It’s likely Gabriel Bautista will be on-site throughout the weekend to sign copies of RWP and Albert the Alien, and also selling some commissions and awesome art. You should buy stuff from him, for sure!

I’ll have the following books available for sale:
- Reading with Pictures vol. 1
- Hope: The Hero Initiative
- Junkyard Chase
- Albert the Alien: Hall Monitor
- @$$hole!: Laura’s 21st Birthday
- @$$hole! vol 1: No Pants Tuesday

Additionally, there will be sketch cards and original art for sale, commissions, and a whole bunch more!

Looking forward to seeing you there!