@$$hole!: Blind Date 10

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Oh man, what a week. I’m so exhausted at the moment, and I have so much left to do yet. Granted the book’s done, and I’ll hopefully have that back in early to mid September, but I’ve replaced it with other projects and scripts in the pipeline. Exciting stuff that I’m looking forward to promoting more later, as they become more tangible.

So here we find out what the waiter has been doing all this time…and it’s not “excellent service.”

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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  • Albone

    Oy, that’s just wrong. Xtacy is a controlled substance for a reason!!

    The other stuff sucks too. 😛 The waiter just put a new spin on the word, ‘cocktail.’ Get it? There’s a double entendre there…!

  • Trevor

    Ha ha ha! “Cocktail.” I love it!

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