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I was working on the text and effects for this page all weekend (on top of several other projects), and just have not received enough sleep because of it. However, Sophia is certainly starting her assault on the Temple. Soon we’ll find out if her plan works or not. We’re coming up on the end of this story, so it’s an exciting time.

No new news to report today. Check back tomorrow for some reviews and stuff. I need to crash.

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  • Albone

    Ha ha! Wow. Those guys got caught slipping. They might not’ve been the greatest guards but maybe a career in ‘crash test dummy?’

  • Trevor

    Ha ha ha, yes! I love the way these Bishops look, but I always beat the crap out of them. They have a nice bark, but very little bite it appears. However, that’s done on purpose. It’ll play a factor in Holy War (the sequel story).

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