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Nominate TrevorAMueller.com in the 2009 Web Comic List Reader’s Choice Awards (no need to sign up, but it helps if you put in some info so they know you’re not a spambot). I’d take any nominations, but I’m specifically looking for:

– Best Writing
– The Innovation Award
– Best Supporting Character – Susie (or the crazy cat lady…or the waiter)


Then in 2009, the Drunk Duck Awards rolled around again and the romance seemed to continue – but with a twist! Suddenly, it was inevitable. My creative juices started flowing, and having been in regular contact with the creators of But Not Really, we formed a plan and the story that unfolds before you is the result of that. The two girls came to stay with me for a full week, and we certainly went on some fun adventures. However, none would be more entertaining (or challenging) as acting out a fictional romance with someone that you just met for the first time in person.

So sit back, relax, pop some popcorn, and get ready for an an comedic internet romance two years in the making!

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  • Albone

    I was totally on the block before.

  • Trevor

    I think you’ve been around the block before, and I’m totally telling your wife. 😛

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