@$$hole!: Why Am I Single, Again?

Another profile steal (and the return of shirtless Trevor, sporting my Halloween get-up from 2008 as Spider from Transmetropolitan). But my 3-month experiment on match.com is about to come to a [...]


@$$hole!: Insecurities

Being in the dating pool again, there are a lot of insecurities – especially since I hadn’t had the time to work out at all since last year. While these are legitimate fears, [...]


@$$hole!: Jess and Trevor Forever 26

My Site VOTE! Oh oh, the magical memory-loss hat is finally on sale. What havoc can Amanda spread with it? Perhaps we’ll find out in another story down the road. For now, I’m going to [...]


@$$hole!: Jess and Trevor Forever 25

My Site VOTE! Awwww, looks like Amanda is totally rooting for Jess and Trevor. A happy ending after all. But wait, there’s one more page!


@$$hole!: Jess and Trevor Forever 24

My Site VOTE! Amanda’s timing couldn’t be any worse! Ah, the torment! Trevor was about to get the smoochies. Also, that frog puppet on her hand is a toy that my mom got for Waffles so [...]


@$$hole!: Jess and Trevor Forever 23

My Site VOTE!


@$$hole!: Jess and Trevor Forever 22

My Site VOTE! Things are heating up between Jess and Trevor!


@$$hole!: Jess and Trevor Forever 21

My Site VOTE! Looks like Trevor just ignored everything Amanda taught him and went with the bold and daring path: telling the truth. Seems to be working in his favor, but is he completely [...]


@$$hole!: Jess and Trevor Forever 20

My Site VOTE! Like any good love story, you’re gonna need a montage. Mine just has talking during it. Which means it’s not a montage at all. Trevor’s ready to put the moves on [...]


@$$hole!: Jess and Trevor Forever 19

My Site VOTE! It’s so true – Jess deserves better than just average. So much for Trevor trying to pull his usual “slide through and get by” tactics. Amanda’s too [...]

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