@$$hole!: Insecurities

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Being in the dating pool again, there are a lot of insecurities – especially since I hadn’t had the time to work out at all since last year. While these are legitimate fears, they’re hardly to the extreme that you take them in satire like this.

That said, I’ve started scouting for a gym in my neighborhood. Which would be much easier to find if I were a woman. Because there’s like 4 women-only gyms within walking distance of my place. And maybe 2 that allow men.

I don’t think a wig will get me in, either, but that could be a fun basis for a comic….


In other news, remember that awesome convention I went to a month back called ACEN? Well, I attended opening ceremonies to some 1,000 fantastic people, but only had the picture to go with it. Well, doing a quick google search of myself, I found someone who was cool enough to take video of my quick little speech.


It really was a fantastic weekend, and I’m already looking forward to the next show: Cyphan, June 25-27. It’s going to be another rocking time, and I hope you all come out to say hi.

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