@$$hole!: Cooking Lessons 4

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Repeating the joke from the previous page (because jokes never get old with me), but the truth here is that washing your veggies is extremely important as a step.

I work in a building with the Captivate Network (elevator advertising and news), and I see headlines on there all the time about food poisoning around the world. Some of this you can’t avoid, like if there’s a contaminated food source or something. But there are also instances of people getting sick simply because they don’t do something as simple as wash their veggies.

I have a fresh / affordable produce store near me, so veggies have become a staple food of any meal that I make – and I almost look forward to them more than the meat dish, since I tend to put some more variety into my veggies. Lots of different sauces and spices I can play with here. Oh sure, I could do the same with the meat, but I tend not to for some reason.

In any case, I’m still recovering from the fun weekend at Anime-Zing! See you guys on Friday!

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