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As many of you know, in my free time I work as the marketing director for The Reading with Pictures, a non-profit organization working to get comics in the classroom. The organization has been only been around for a year, but in that time we have made strategic alliances with key educational organizations as well as The American Library Association to help educators reach under-developed readers and develop a curriculum to teach teachers how to teach with comics. Parents and educators have really gotten behind the idea of comics in the classroom, and the comics community was also extremely excited about the role comics could play in education as well.

As such, the organization reached out and secured over 50 professional comic creators to volunteer their time to create a 200 page full color anthology, which RWP published. These are award-winning or multi-award nominated creators such as Raina Telgemeier, Jill Thompson, Fred Van Lente, John Bivens, Chris Giarrusso, Jimmy Gownley, Josh Elder, Russell Lissau, and many more!

I also contributed a story in this all-ages anthology called Albert the Alien, with Eisner Award winner Gabrielle Bautista doing the artwork. The anthology was a lot of fun to put together, and it’s been a top-seller at conventions across the country (and also available on amazon.com).

Over the holiday weekend it was announced that Reading with Pictures was nominated for two Harvey Awards:


The Harvey Awards are like the People’s Choice of comics, where comic professionals create the nominations and then he people get to decide who or what receives the awards. Because of this, we humbly request your continued support for Reading with Pictures by asking you to vote for us in these two categories.

Help us bring home the win by going to the Harvey Awards website and voting for your favorite comic creators / comics.

Thanks so much for your continued help and support.

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  • Russell

    Er, it’s Russell, you know that! Typo.

  • trevor

    (Fixed it) I wrote this after a 13 hour work day…cut me some slack. 😉

  • Russell

    No slack! NO SLACK!

  • Trevor

    Get a Gravitar photo, slacker. 😛

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