@$$hole!: Laundry Day 1

 In web comics

Let’s face it, clothes get dirty. And when something gets dirty, it usually smells. Now, I don’t know about the years of yonder, but in this day and age something that’s dirty and smelly is typically frowned upon by society and the people who run it.

Ergo, we all have to do laundry. Laundry is the process by which clothes go from being smelly and dirty to being clean and fresh. When you wear clean clothes, girls want to date you and boys want to shake your hand (unless you’re a girl – then girls want to be you and boys want to get your phone number).

So, in the tradition of telling you how and why you should do things, @$$hole! has put together this instructional comic strip – to teach you the dos and donts of laundry. Enjoy!

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