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The Nostalgia Critic – Batman v Superman Review

I got an e-mail from Doug around the time Batman v Superman was coming out – a movie I had not seen yet, but one that I had a lot of reservations about when I heard it announced. Warner Bros was so desperate to catch up to where Marvel had gotten over the last several years, they made a mediocre Superman movie (Man of Steel), and then immediately announced the next movie would be the Justice League. Fan reaction to this announcement was…toxic at best…so they went back and said, “Just kidding. It’ll be a Batman and Superman movie. … And also, it’ll have all of the Justice League in it.”

The movie was terrible. Absolute garbage. But I hadn’t seen it at the time I read the script (to avoid spoilers, I tried to just keep to my lines as Lex Luther), but then I walked in while they were filming the scene where they call our Zack Snyder for killing Superman in the second movie. I didn’t really mind the spoiler – I knew the movie was going to suck – and now I knew how much it was going to suck. So much so that even Warner Bros was after a reboot after their second movie. Well done, guys.

Based only on the performance of Jessie Eisenberg from the trailers, I channeled my inner “terrible actor” and threw it into the performance, which Doug loved. I’m not a fan of Jessie Eisenberg nor do I enjoy his movies (Zombieland was pretty cool, though, despite his best efforts). But pretending to be the guy for a night was a lot of fun.

The wig was a huge pain in the butt, though. I haven’t had hair in ages, and the length was just long enough to get in my eyes but too short to tuck behind my ears. It just kept getting in my face and into every shot – but we rolled with it. We made it work. And it was a lot of fun. I only got to interact with Malcolm, which was fun. We were in front of a green screen, but I kept coming up with ways to annoy him with candy.

Eventually they kept adding makeup to me the whole night – which was a pain to wash out. It was just Halloween makeup, though, and they had remover in the studio, so I just kept wiping until it all came off.

What has been your favorite NC review? Who’s your favorite supporting character from the show? And who would you like to see me play next?

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