Awesome Comics – Does Batman ’66 Suck?

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Awesome Comics – Does Batman ’66 Suck?

Not long after making my first appearance on Awesome Comics, the crew decided to ask me to host an episode. Of course it was a Halloween episode, but I was late in putting together my costume – so instead, we used studio props to put together our outfits (except for Aiyanna…she came prepared).

I grew up watching Batman ’66, which I really enjoyed. I admit it’s not Batman as he exists in the comics, nor how he’s later been portrayed on TV and film. It’s also not my favorite Batman. However, for the time, it was a fun version of the character that families could come together and enjoy at night. It was like how Lois and Clark isn’t a perfect Superman show, but every week my family was glued to that TV to watch the next episode. It was accessible for kids, fun for families, and because of that will always have a warm place reserved for it in my heart.

That said, I had to moderate the group – who were split into opposing sides. So, naturally, this video was a lot of fun to film.

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