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Awesome Comics – Favorite Anime

Probably my next favorite topic (besides comics) is anime, although I admit to being a casual consumer of the format. That wasn’t always the case. Growing up, I LOVED anime, and would try to get my hands on it anyway that I could. Keep in mind, being the oldest in this video (by many years), coming across anime in my younger days was quite difficult. There wasn’t any Adult Swim, no Cartoon Network or anime on streaming video. You had to find some VHS tapes at the local rental place, and they would never (NEVER) have a complete series of anything. You had to scrape and research and find other local stores to see if they had the next video, or go to cons and try to haggle with the VHS vendors to buy complete sets.

And series would rarely if ever make it to TV. Enter Robotech, and my 4 year old self LOVING the series. It was Transformers with a more mature story, more sophisticated characters, and a reason to watch every episode – because it was one big plot.

Now, I know some people think Robotech isn’t real anime because it was re-edited from multiple series in the states, once Harmony Gold got the rights to it. However, I’ve met the guys who own this series, and have talked to the original creators of the Japanese show. The Japanese creators like the USA show better than what they made. And the Harmony Gold folks have a love for the property that parallels my own. They are also fans. And this gives me hope for more Robotech in the future.

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