@$$hole!: Reader Mail – An Analogic Innuendo

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The goal of the page was to start using an analogy to make innuendo, but then eventually take the analogy so far that the innuendo was lost. However, the truth is that I’ve been so swamped with prepping for ACEN this weekend, the writing for this particular strip suffered a bit.

The show finally posted my panel schedule for the weekend.

3-4pm: Making Webcomics: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

3-4pm: Reading with Pictures
6-7pm: Trevor Mueller and the Panel that Still Shall Not be Named

It’s going to be a rockin’ weekend, so hope to see you all there!

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  • amanda

    I like to start by taking off the timing belt.

  • trevor

    The belt is nice, but sometimes you just want to go under the hood and check the oil. Or fill the radiator.

  • Frito

    It was pretty awesome to meet you at ACEN this weekend. Thanks for the autographed copy of @$$hole as well!! I think my fiancee and I are going to start following it :-D. You’re a great speaker and the unnamed panel was fantastic! I look forward to seeing you again next year. Until then, have a great year!

    • Trevor

      Thanks, man! It was awesome meeting you too, and I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Looking forward to doing more shows and more panels this year, as well as hopefully being invited back as a guest to ACEN next year!

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