Nexus: A Webtoon Original series

I finally got the green light to talk about the launch of my new series. I have been pitching stories to the editors over at webtoon for a while now, and they have gravitated towards a few of [...]

In Memoria: Nikita Rauba

I was sad to discover over the weekend the passing of my friend, Nikita Rauba. Nikki had been a fan who I met at conventions ages ago, and who kept coming to my panels seeking inspiration and [...]


Comix Revolution Signing

Hey, comics-fans! This is just a reminder of a really important upcoming event! Come out and Support The Hero Initiative with Comic Creators Russell Lissau and Trevor Mueller. Russell and Trevor [...]


Convention Report: Mid Ohio Con 2010

This was the 30th anniversary of Mid Ohio Con, the second time I’ve attended the show, the first time I’ve attended as a guest…and also my birthday weekend. So there was a hefty [...]


ACEN 2010 – Sunday

I woke up to the phone ringing at around 8:30am. “This is your breakfast wake up call,” comes a familiar voice from the other end. “Hi Russell,” I replied. “I set [...]


ACEN 2010 – Friday

Friday was the first official day of the convention, and I headed down to breakfast with Russell and Steve Horton (DC Holiday Special) at O’h (the restaurant at the Hyatt). After breakfast, [...]


ACEN 2010 – Thursday

Thursday night after work got out I grabbed my already packed (and very heavy luggage case), and headed out to the blue line to Rosemont. I was kind of beat after the long work day, but extremely [...]


Temple: Assassin 6

My Site VOTE! Gonna be another crazy busy week at work. Looking forward to it ending soon. Getting my convention and speaking schedule together for 2010, and should be making some announcements [...]


Temple: Assassin 5

My Site VOTE! Marielle’s on the job. I thought it funny to try to compare one of her hits to an undesirable date. So who is this guy she’s meeting, and why is she killing him? [...]


Temple: Assassin 4

My Site VOTE! Back to the old man narrator…but who could he be talking to (we’ll find out in this story)? Has he been talking to this person all along throughout the prequel stories? [...]