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Anime Milwaukee is next weekend (March 12-14), and I’ll be sharing a table with Alan Evans of Rival Angels. The two of us will have several panels. I’ll be speaking on the following topics:

-Panel Name: The Art of Crafting Your World
-Date: Friday
-Time: 3-4 PM

-Panel Name: Writing for Comics
-Date: Friday
-Time: 4-5 PM

-Panel Name: @$$hole!
-Date: Sunday
-Time: 3-4 PM

Be sure to stop by and say hi, buy a book and hang out. We’re cool guys. We being Alan and I.

Also, if you check out the guest list over at ACEN, you may see a certain bald man is listed as a guest of honor…. 😉

Be sure to show up for that show, too. It’s probably the coolest con you’ll attend all year!

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